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R6 fire September weekend OIling T3-T4

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Posted 13 October 2020 - 06:57 AM

Hello all,
I apologize for the time itís taken for me to find the reason for the R6 fire on the September weekend. The bike brought about that sort of feeling you get when you find out your significant other has been sleeping with your friend; anger and confusion, with a knot in your stomach. So I wasnít in a rush to spend a lot of time with it. With that being said, I have found the culprit. The oil filter seal melted then gave way, on the left side of the filter body. Fortunately the hose clamp and safety wire ensured the filter itself didnít spin off. In fact, I still needed the filter tool to remove the filter. So it was installed correctly. But the oil pressure from an R6 at 15,000 R.P.M. was enough to cover myself and the bike in oil. The exhaust played the ever helpful hand of igniting said oil.
As is the case when one buys a race bike, it comes with a box of parts and other odds and ends. I opted to use the last filter supplied in the box, the last oil change I did. Thereís no branding or logo on the filter, so this tells me itís an Ebay specialÖrest assured, Iíll never be making that decision again. I still havenít figured out whether the engine is thrashed or not. It does turn over by hand, so thereís hopeÖ Sorry again, for oiling the track on a Friday. I hope everyone does a better job of keeping the rubber side down than I have. May the winter bike builds be fruitful. See you all next season.

--David Schaenzer

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