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2019 Ultralight and Lightweight Rules Spinoff of Rules Forum & Meetings Posts

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Posted 08 November 2018 - 01:25 PM

Please see the Rules Forum Topic for some background on this......

Out of respect for everyone's opinion and my sons desire ( working within a very tight-knit industry) I've sat on my hands and reserved comment regarding the reclassification of the Kramer motorcycle and completely blowing up the Lightweight class. My hands are now very numb and I feel compelled to make a couple of points.

If you thoughtfully consider the concerns of most the people that have participated in the rules forums and commented, the most logical step for the Board of Directors to take would be to take no steps at all. The least impactful and logical decision regarding this matter is to leave the rules exactly as they are.

I also believe strongly that disrupting the lightweight class by tossing the Kramers into the mix requires too many rule changes within the lightweight class. A class that has been very important (as is) to the CRA.This is mentioned many times. After reviewing everyone's concerns, I believe there is logical conclusion. Leave lightweight alone.

Yes, the Kramers are a GP Bike. Yes, there will be up to seven of them racing this year. Even more people are interested in purchasing them. The US distributor is in the area. Yes, they run lightweight times.

That said the reason the ultralight rules were originally changed were to accommodate the sumo's that were not homologated (or street legal under original design). The original complaint about these bikes were that no one on a "legal" ultralight bike under the rules at that time could be competitive with the well-built sumo. Sound familiar? It was decided during that time to make ultralight an all GP class to accommodate the influx of those bikes at the time. This was seen as a good solution and was generally accepted throughout the club. The current scenario with the Kramers is exactly the same. Andy Palmer said it well "singles don't belong in a twins class"

To limit the displacement of single cylinders to 500 or even 600 cc's with a rule change eliminates many current homologated bikes that race in that class. The most obvious is the Duke 690 And any sumo built on the KTM 690 platform. I believe most people running these bikes in ultralight do sofor the pleasure knowing full well that any motorcycle of this style will not be ultimately "competitive"

Two more points must be made. There's been a number of interesting comments made regarding the cost of being competitive, specifically targeted at the Kramers. Anyone that believes a regionally competitive FZ07 or SV superbike is less expensive to purchase or race than a Kramer is simply poorly informed or did not keep track of their costs to build such a bike. There will always be bike that are the "one to have" within a class. Time moves on and evolution happens. Regarding multiple bikes: unfortunately, even at the CRA level you would be hard-pressed (I would say it's impossible) to qualify for a one through five number plate without running multiple motorcycles. Look at this year's results. To be competitive at a top level, motorcycle racing is expensive.

Again, I hope the Board of Directors closely reviews the concerns that the people that have taken the time to attend the rules meetings and posted on this forum. If my information is correct regarding the proposed rule changes, they are flawed, contradictory and illogical. A mess really.

The least disruptive decision, impacting the fewest people,giving the most members the opportunity to race, and impacting revenue of the club the least is to leave things exactly as they are. Sometimes the very best decision does not involve change. I hope the board, after thoughtful review of all the facts and concerns expressed, will come to the same conclusion.


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